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We have been hard at work, putting all of our media in one place!  Everything can all be found on our new Photos and Media page under News!  We are still working on cataloging 10 years of Media – so keep checking back now and then.  In the meantime, here are some great things you might see:

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Your Projects – Their Funding!

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Opportunities for state funding are available now!


West Nishnabotna River

Thanks to YOUR advocacy, OUR voices for Iowa rivers was STRENGTHENED this session and a budget line item was restored to support mitigation and enhancement efforts around the state!

If your community is looking to revive the riverfront, consider applying for a Dam Mitigation Grant or a Water Trail Enhancement Grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s Rivers Program.  Projects like these can spearhead economic development, workforce development, recreational opportunities and tourism.

For more information, visit the Iowa DNR’s website.

Dam Mitigation Grants
Application deadline is Sept. 14, 2018

The Iowa Legislature appropriated funds for fiscal year 2018 for the development of dam mitigation and water trail projects. A portion the funds ($200,000 for this fiscal year) are available competitively for dam mitigation cost-share grants. Dam owners and other eligible entities are encouraged to apply for cost-share assistance for projects that reduce recreational hazards and enhance aquatic species connectivity.

Water Trail Enhancement Grants
Application deadline is Sept. 14, 2018

The Iowa Legislature appropriated funds for fiscal year 2018 for the development of dam mitigation and water trail projects. A portion of the funds ($130,000 this fiscal year) are available competitively for water trail enhancement cost-share grants. Local divisions of Iowa government are encouraged to apply for cost-share assistance for infrastructure or infrastructure improvements along state designated water trails or water trails on track for state designation.


Iowa Department of Natural Resources River Restoration Toolbox is LIVE!

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Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox is a recently completed series of best management practices developed to assist designers in stream stabilization and restoration projects in Iowa with proven techniques with emphasis on incorporating natural materials, such as logs, stone, and live plantings.

Yellow River

The Toolbox effort initially researched and merged common engineering and restoration practices. It was then reviewed and adapted by a statewide team of Iowa engineering, river restoration, project management, and aquatic habitat professionals from various cities, state agencies, federal, and non-governmental organizations with a stake in its development. This resource helps design teams evaluate streams and apply successful practices.

The Toolbox contains two main components: An assessment tool, and a series of practice guidelines.




Step 1: Assessing Your Stream Reach and Making Decisions 

Understanding driving factors that cause your unstable stream segment to erode or damage infrastructure prior to jumping to solutions leads to stable, cost-effective solutions. Misidentified solutions cause future instabilities in the dynamic stream setting, leading to costly repairs and unintended damage.

Step 2: The Practice Guide 

Once a project’s directions are determined, thorough design and proper contractor understandings and execution are the keys for project stability.

Check out the toolbox here:   http://www.iowadnr.gov/Environmental-Protection/Water-Quality/River-Restoration/River-Restoration-Toolbox

Great News!

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Governor Reynolds has signed Senate File 2414 which contains a $500,000 appropriation to the Iowa DNR for the Low Head Dam Safety and River Trails programs! Thank you to all our supporters and friends who contacted their legislators about the importance of this funding!  For more information on the Iowa DNR’s River Program check our our River Restoration Tab.

Celebrating Elgin as our 2018 River Town of the Year!

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Photo courtesy of Northeast Iowa RC&D

Iowa Rivers Revival is proud to present Elgin, Iowa as our 2018 River Town of the Year!

Elgin is a picturesque town of 683 people on the banks of the Turkey River in Fayette County in Northeast Iowa.  It is nestled in beautiful territory, with wooded bluffs and a deep valley cut by the river.  Elgin is a tiny town, but it’s done a mighty job of promoting and protecting its cherished Turkey River.

Iowa Rivers Revival is presenting the “River Town of the Year” award at a public reception in Elgin with Mayor William Pfister and other leaders are accepting the award on behalf of Elgin.  The annual “River Town of the Year” award goes to an Iowa community that demonstrates a commitment “to reclaiming the waterfront as an anchor for recreation, economic development, and ecological practices, as well as addressing some of the challenges and solutions related to water quality.”

Here are some of the accomplishments that earned Elgin the River Town of the Year award:

  • Elgin and its partners in the Turkey River Recreational Corridor (TRRC) succeeded in getting a State Water Trail designation for a 98-mile stretch of the Turkey, including the river at Elgin –considered to be one of the most beautiful stretches in Iowa.  (The TRRC includes Fayette and Clayton Counties and the cities of Elgin, Clermont and Elkader, nearby on the Turkey River.)
  • Elgin has two good and safe accesses to the Turkey, and helpful signage, maps, information, camping and outfitters nearby – everything to draw even more visitors to Elgin and the area.  A beautiful “Turkey River Water Trail Map & Guide” is available online and in Elgin.  It has become a significant state tourism destination.  Featuring the river has been good for visitors, good for residents, good for the economy, good for quality of life.
  • The Turkey River Recreational Corridor also developed a pedestrian trail along the river between Elgin and Clermont, and recently raised over $1.4 million to expand the trail eastward from Elgin over a new bridge to Gilbertson Conservation & Education Area and Campground.  The bridge is close to completion.  The TRRC hosts events featuring the pedestrian trails, including triathlons and 5K runs.
  • Elgin and TRRC partners participated in State-organized Project AWARE in July 2011, when 429 volunteers removed 32 tons of trash from the Turkey River near Elgin.

Iowa Rivers Revival recognizes Elgin for working to protect and restore the health of the river and watershed.  Almost all the projects are done by Elgin in cooperation with other entities – the County Conservation Boards and staff, other towns nearby, the State DNR and State funding, private donors, and many others.  Elgin works with others to do together what they could not do alone.  “And by ‘Elgin’ we mean city officials, business owners, residents, stakeholders, donors, and volunteers from Elgin,” Partnership projects have included:

  • Turkey River Watershed Management Authority (WMA). .  The WMA consists of 23 cities (including Elgin), five counties, and seven soil and water conservation districts in the Watershed.  The entities voluntarily work together to reduce flood risks and improve water quality – including working on a Turkey River Watershed Plan.
  • Otter Creek Watershed Pilot Project.  Otter Creek is a tributary of the Turkey R., with confluence at Elgin.  It’s a collaboration of the Iowa Flood Center, N.E. Iowa RC&D (Resource Conservation & Development), and Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation.  The project aims to reduce flood impact; it has installed permeable pavers in parking along Center St. in Elgin to better manage storm water runoff and improve water quality.  It installed a wetland to address surface water drainage issues in the community, and installed gauges and sensors to monitor flooding.

As Mallory Hanson of Northeast Iowa RC&D said, “Elgin is truly a community of enthusiastic ‘doers’ that want to better their community in every possible way to improve the lives of residents, create a fantastic tourist destination, and preserve and enhance its natural and community resources.”


Iowa Rivers Revival is very pleased to recognize Elgin as River Town of the Year!



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