2018 River Town of the Year!

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Photo courtesy of Northeast Iowa RC&D


Each year, Iowa Rivers Revival presents the “River Town of the Year” Award to an Iowa river community that demonstrates a commitment to reclaiming the waterfront. The award highlights a city or town’s outstanding work to enhance connections to its river, using it as an anchor for economic development, recreation, and ecological practices, as well as addressing some of the challenges and solutions related to water quality.

We are so excited to announce that on March 16th, we will present the 2018 award to Elgin!  Elgin, along with great partners at the Fayette County Conservation, Northeast Iowa RC&D, and the Turkey River Recreational Corridor, has embraced the Turkey River and its surrounding area!

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming celebration!


Urban Streambank Restoration & Bioengineering Methods Training Opportunities

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Upcoming Urban Streambank Restoration & Bioengineering Methods Training Opportunities available!

IRR is working in coordination with Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership to conduct both a one day introduction and a five day comprehensive Urban Streambank Restoration & Bioengineering Methods training.  Hope you can join us!

Info and agenda available here:
Urban Streambank Restoration & Bioengineering Methods Level One Training

IRR is looking for a Great River Town!

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Iowa Rivers Revival is now accepting nominations for the 2018 “River Town of the Year” Award. 

The deadline for submission is December 15, 2017.

The annual “River Town of the Year” Award recognizes and celebrates an Iowa community for exceptional efforts to reclaim its river and river-front as anchors for economic development, good ecological practices, and enhanced recreation.  Cities and towns are invited to apply for the award, or citizens may nominate their town.

The award recognizes efforts such as:  dam-safety projects, river clean-up projects, Water Trail designations, innovative storm water and river protection projects, river-oriented tourism efforts, walking/biking trails along the river, education and advocacy by local river or watershed groups, and efforts to enhance river use and appreciation (river events, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, bait shops, boat rentals, etc.)

The River Town of the Year Award highlights a city’s outstanding work to enhance connections to its river.  For example, the 2017 River Town of the Year, Clive (in suburban Des Moines), was honored especially for focusing on water quality of Walnut Creek, as well as making the Walnut Creek Greenbelt the recreational, cultural, and natural heart of the community.

We are excited to learn about what communities are doing across the state to protect and enhance their local rivers and streams.  The award provides an opportunity to showcase local stewardship, and inspire other cities and towns.

The award will be presented in early 2018 at a public reception hosted by Iowa Rivers Revival in the “River Town of the Year” community, and at a separate event at the Iowa State Capitol.   IRR also will work to provide additional opportunities to promote and recognize the “River Town of the Year” through media and river-related events.

You can download the application here.

For information on previous winning cities’ applications, IRR news releases, and news coverage check out our River Town of the Year page!


Questions?  Please email us at rtya@iowarivers.org, or call 515-724-4093.

Iowa Women for Water

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IRR is excited to partner with Iowa Environmental Council and Des Moines Water Works to bring you Women for Water!


The goal of this program is to build a bipartisan network of women who care about water quality and the pollution of Iowa’s rivers, lakes and streams. Provide opportunities for these women to connect with one another and build advocacy skills in order to amplify voices that have been missing in conversations about water quality in Iowa.


Check our our new website below:

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