Help us find our next River Town of the Year!

Iowa Rivers Revival is now accepting nominations for the 2019 “River Town of the Year” Award.  The deadline for submission is January 4, 2019. The annual “River Town of the Year” Award recognizes and celebrates an Iowa community for exceptional efforts to reclaim its river and river-front as anchors for economic development, good ecological practices, and enhanced recreation.  Cities and towns are invited to apply for the … Read more

Celebrating Elgin as our 2018 River Town of the Year!

Iowa Rivers Revival is proud to present Elgin, Iowa as our 2018 River Town of the Year! Elgin is a picturesque town of 683 people on the banks of the Turkey River in Fayette County in Northeast Iowa.  It is nestled in beautiful territory, with wooded bluffs and a deep valley cut by the river.  Elgin is a tiny town, but it’s done a mighty … Read more

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