IRR’s Black Lives Matter Statement

Iowa Rivers Revival joins our voices with so many others throughout the country to say Black Lives Matter. As an environmental organization, we recognize that racism is embedded in the environmental movement. We know how important our environment, specifically our water, is to everyone’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Environmental justice is “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, … Read more

Channel Chat June 2020

Hello River Lovers, This Channel Chat is exploring the exciting world of freshwater mussels. Considered ‘nature’s water filtration system’, they are a great indicator of an aquatic ecosystem’s health. They can filter up to 10 gallons of water a day, removing algae, organic matter, and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from the water. Some species can live more than 100 years and their reproductive life … Read more

Channel Chat May 2020

Hello River Lovers, This second Channel Chat will be all about low-head dams. They may look innocent, but in reality they are treacherous for people and negatively impact our waterways and aquatic life. In 2010, Iowa had 177 low-head dams in 57 of the state’s 99 counties. Low-head dams span the width of the river and are less than 20 feet high. They can be … Read more

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