Channel Chat November 2020

Hello River Lovers,

It’s November 1st. Two days until the election. What’s your plan to vote? No matter who you vote for, it’s important to exercise our constitutional rights. 

Iowa Rivers Revival is a nonpartisan non-profit. Regardless of who is in office or gets elected we are willing and able to work with all legislators to make sure Iowa rivers are protected and funded.

There are many reasons free-flowing, healthy rivers are important. They
– are large sources of drinking water for many small and large communities,
– provide many recreational opportunities like fishing and kayaking which increases tourism and drives up revenue for a variety of industries,
– positively impact the physical and mental health for the individual and population as a whole,
– attract and help retain an active workforce,
– preserve the land and buildings by providing flood protection, and
– support entire ecosystems that are not found anywhere else on Earth.

If we as a state collectively commit to fund and protect our rivers, we will see a positive impact for our communities, people, land, wildlife, and water systems.

Before you go vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, please research the people and issues that you will be voting for and care about. For help and a sample ballot for Iowa visit these nonpartisan websites:

Until next month, stay well!

Sara Carmichael, Executive Director

Featured River

Big Sioux River

A tributary of the Missouri River, this river runs 419 miles starting in South Dakota and flowing into northwestern Iowa. Most of the 7,000+ square miles of drainage area is agricultural land with runoff from livestock and crops. This pollution negatively impacts the quality of the water. IRR supports policies that work with landowners to mitigate these effects and regulate any discharge.

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