IRR’s 2015 Legislative Reception a Success!

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Over 100 people attended Tuesday night’s legislative reception, including a bi-partisan representation of 21 Iowa legislators. We appreciate legislators taking the time to attend and visit with their constituents about protecting and improving Iowa’s rivers. The following legislators attended the reception:
Supporters, staff, and board of Iowa Rivers Revival discussed a range of river topics with Iowa legislators. The legislative reception provided an opportunity for IRR to present our legislative priorities which include support for river programs and funding that will protect and enhance Iowa’s rivers, such as:

Establish a River Restoration Program in Iowa to provide funds, criteria, training, and expertise to begin river restoration — much like Iowa’s successful Lakes Restoration Program.  A River Restoration Program will provide cleaner rivers, reduce loss of stream banks, soil and infrastructure, reduce flooding, make healthier ecosystems, improve fishing and hunting, increase tourism, and improve life in Iowa communities.

Strengthen Iowa’s Low-Head Dam Mitigation and Water Trails Program by supporting the funding necessary to continue the progress and momentum the program has achieved over the last several years.  Low-head dam mitigation (removing or modifying dams) improves safety by getting rid of “killing machine” dangerous dams, improves river ecology, and enhances recreational access and enjoyment.

To learn more about Low-Head Dam Mitigation projects supported by this funding, go to the DNR website:

To learn more about Water Trail projects supported by this funding, go to the DNR website:

Enact 3/8-cent sales tax to fund the Natural Resources and Recreation Trust Fund.  This constitutionally-protected fund will enhance Iowa’s natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities.  In 2010, 64% of Iowans voted to establish the Trust Fund – a huge vote for natural resources.  Now we need the 3/8-cent sales tax increase to fulfill the Trust Fund vision.

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