Polk County Passes Water and Land Legacy Bond

On November 6, Polk County voters overwhelming supported the Water and Land Legacy Bond with 72% support for this ballot measure. This is a huge victory for outdoor conservation and recreational interests in Polk County. This success continues to reinforce the bi-partisan and strong support for investing in Iowa’s natural resources. In 2010 voters across the state supported the Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy measure by over 63% to establish the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund constitutional amendment, and yet Iowa lawmakers have not responded with efforts to fund the Trust Fund. Investing in Iowa’s outdoors improves Iowa’s economy and preserves our natural heritage for future generations.

The Polk County Water and Land Legacy Bond will be administered by the Polk County Conservation Board and will allocate $50 million over a 20 year timeline for projects that improve lakes, rivers and streams ($10M), land and habitat protection ($18M), parks ($15M), and trails ($7M).

[typography font=”Droid Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Over the next 20 years, Polk County residents will benefit from projects that will:[/typography]

  • Preserve clean drinking water for our children and grandchildren.
  • Improve water quality in our lakes, ponds, and streams.
  • Increase and enhance wildlife and habitat, and opportunities to view and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Connect communities by means of trails and greenways.
  • Revitalize parks and amenities.
  • Expand outdoor recreation and education opportunities for all ages and abilities.
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