River Restoration Toolbox Level 1/Base Training is open for registration!

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) River Restoration Toolbox is LIVE on the website and Iowa Rivers Revival is a proud partner of this work!

Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox is a series of best management practices developed to assist designers in stream stabilization and restoration projects in Iowa with proven techniques with emphasis on incorporating natural materials, such as logs, stone, and live plantings.  Rivers and streams, their channels and valleys, are a defining feature of Iowa’s landscape.   They have formed and evolved over thousands of years, in response to the climate, soils, and geologic setting of their watersheds.  Human modifications to the landscape, and to the rivers themselves, have altered these waterways contributing to problems including bank erosion, habitat loss, flooding, reduced water quality, and challenges to boater safety.  River restorations are designed to overcome the effects of these alterations and improve the function and value of our waterways.

Projects such as dam removals and mitigations, bank stabilizations, and installation of riparian buffers have been shown to improve the health of aquatic life and increase fish populations, benefit wildlife, reduce flood damage, protect agricultural land, increase recreational opportunities and make them safer and more enjoyable, and bring economic benefits to nearby communities.

To promote this important work and the reinforce practical applications of the best management practices (maximizing multiple benefits) in the Toolbox, IRR is partnering with Iowa Storm Water Education Partnership, The State Revolving Fund, the Iowa DNR and Stantec to bring two Level 1/Base Training Workshops to a location near you this fall!

If you are someone you know might be interested in participating in one of our fall workshops, please check out the registration options and choose from the Clive or Cedar Falls location.

REGISTER NOW!  Classes are limited to 24 participants per class so sign up TODAY!

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