Say No to SSB 3134

Last week, a bill was introduce in the Iowa Senate that threatens public lands in Iowa. The bill is moving quickly and needs your action nowSSB 3134 is a direct attack on public lands and conservation in Iowa. It should be opposed in its entirety.

SSB 3134 handcuffs the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and county conservation boards from acquiring land for parks, trails, preserves, watershed protection, wildlife habitat, and even recreational amenities such as new museums or playgrounds.

The bill directly threatens conservation efforts to protect water quality in Iowa.

It also makes it harder for private landowners sell their land for public use, punishing Iowans who wish to protect and develop treasured public spaces in their communities for the future.

Rural Iowa communities and businesses near state parks and along bike trails are seeing development and dollars. Outdoor recreation and state park visitation rates have skyrocketed over the past two years. Now is the time to invest in more conservation and outdoor recreation, not less.

Now this bill is going before the full committee, so now is the time to contact members of the committee to encourage them to vote against this bill. 

 TAKE ACTION by clicking the button below to contact legislators on the committee today – they meet tomorrow at 2PM – and ask that they oppose SSB 3134!

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