There is still time to nominate your town to be our next River Town of the Year!

Iowa Rivers Revival is accepting nominations for the 2019 “River Town of the Year” Award.  We have extended our deadline to January 15th, to give applicants a little more time!

Communities across the state are embracing, protecting and celebrating their local rivers, and each year IRR showcases one Iowa town’s outstanding efforts to reclaim river-fronts as anchors for economic development, recreation, and good ecological practices.

IRR is still looking for the next city or town to honor in 2019. Cities or citizens may nominate their town.

Examples of award criteria include, but are not limited to these activities:

•  Innovative storm water controls and river protection measures.
•  Efforts to improve water quality.
•  Efforts to protect and enhance greenbelts and/or ecosystems.
•  Protection of threatened riparian habitat and species.
•  Participating with Iowa Water Trails program.
•  River tourism efforts.
•  Providing river access (programs, trails, portages, guide info)
•  Annual or seasonal river clean-up or event.
•  Partnerships to protect and enhance local river or stream.
•  Dam mitigation and/or safety awareness.

The award will be presented in spring of 2019 at reception hosted by Iowa Rivers Revival in the “River Town of the Year” community.  IRR also will work to provide additional opportunities to promote and recognize the “River Town of the Year” through media and river-related events.

You can download the application here.

For information on previous winning cities’ applications, IRR news releases, and news coverage check out our River Town of the Year page!

Questions?  Please email us at, or call 515-724-4093.

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