Episode #16 of Our Water Our Land is all about rivers!

Thanks to our friends at Drake University Agricultural Law Center!  Episode #16 of Our Water Our Land is all about rivers!    Please watch, enjoy and share this video! “Today our over 70,000 miles of rivers and streams provide critical habitat for fish and wildlife, provide water for many of Iowa’s citizens, and help fuel our economy.  Most of the time our rivers and streams are … Read more

River Restoration Toolbox Level 1/Base Training is open for registration!

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) River Restoration Toolbox is LIVE on the website and Iowa Rivers Revival is a proud partner of this work! Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox is a series of best management practices developed to assist designers in stream stabilization and restoration projects in Iowa with proven techniques with emphasis on incorporating natural materials, such as logs, stone, and live plantings.  … Read more

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