Great turnout for IRR’s annual Legislative Reception

IRR Board Chair, Jerry Peckumn presents IRR's legislative priorities.

100 people attended Monday night’s legislative reception, including a bi-partisan representation of 38 Iowa legislators. We are encouraged by the increasing number of legislators who are taking the time to attend and learn more about protecting and improving Iowa’s rivers.  Visit our website for a list of legislators who attended.

Supporters, staff, and board of Iowa Rivers Revival discussed a range of river topics with Iowa legislators.  The legislative reception provides an opportunity for IRR to present our legislative priorities which include support for river programs and funding that will protect and enhance Iowa’s rivers, such as:.

•  A $1 million appropriation to establish a River Restoration Program that could help enhance local economies, preserve Iowa’s farmland, improve water quality, reduce nutrient pollution, improve wildlife habitat, and help lessen the damage of flooding. Visit our website to learn more about a River Restoration Program in Iowa.

•  And for a $2 million appropriation for the Low-Head Dam Mitigation and Water Trails Program that provides cost-share opportunities to help local communities address dam safety concerns by modifying or removing old, unused, and dangerous dams – improving recreational access, fish passage, river habitat, and enhancing local economies by attracting visitors to river amenities.  This program also assists communities interested in water trail development and continued maintenance of existing State designated water trails. Visit our website for more information about the Low-Head Dam Mitigation and Water Trails Program.

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