Iowa Rivers Revival asks for $1,000,000 for River Restoration


The Iowa Rivers and Waterways Study Committee will reconvene on Thursday, January 16 from 1-3:30 p.m. in room 103 at the State Capitol to discuss possible next steps for establishing a state River Restoration Program.  We encourage you to attend to show support if you are available.

Iowa Rivers Revival has presented budget and program recommendations for the committee to consider at this meeting.  We have asked that the DNR is appropriated $300,000 to develop a River Restoration Program that establishes statewide criteria and regional targeting, and identifies meaningful and effective river restoration priorities.

Additionally, we have asked for $700,000 to provide cost-share opportunities to initiate and complete several demonstration projects across the state.  These projects could serve as examples of options and outcomes addressing a range of river restoration practices.

We urge you to contact YOUR Legislators.  Ask them to support the work of the Iowa Rivers and Waterways Legislative Study Committee and to create a statewide River Restoration Program.  

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Rosalyn Lehman
Executive Director
Iowa Rivers Revival
PO Box 72, Des Moines, IA 50301
515-724-4093  |

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