Let’s talk about Lobby Day and River Restoration

Iowa Rivers Revival is hosting a Lobby Day on Wednesday, April 17th from 1-3 PM at the Iowa State Capitol in the Rotunda under the golden dome.  We hope you can come up and join us.  The purpose of lobby days is to network and talk to Senators and Representatives about the issues that matter to YOU.  IRR’s 2019 Legislative Priorities are clearly outlined and can provide talking points, but the most important story to tell is yours.  What do you hope for rivers in your community and your state?  What are you questions or concerns, and how can policy and the people who craft it make your hopes a reality?

*View of the Mississippi River from 2019 River Town of the Year Award Winner Guttenberg, Iowa

You can find the 2019 Legislative Priorities HERE

We will be talking about the downtown water trail project, flood mitigation options, state-wider river restoration, low-head dam mitigation, and all the amazing things that raising the sales tax and funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund could do for Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy.  Plus, there will be popcorn!

*2018 River Restoration Toolbox Workshop in Cedar Falls, Iowa

As the flood waters begin to recede, we need to start talking about the importance and significance of river restoration.  This includes reconnection to floodplains, wetland and oxbow restoration, streambank stabilization, low-head dam mitigation and other techniques that slow down and retain water.  Our state desperately needs to embrace river restoration and we are happy to report that environmental professionals are leading the way.

Iowa Rivers Revival is doing our part to help train engineers, contractors, watershed management coordinators, and others in river restoration best practices that provide multiple benefits.  We are offering our Level 1/Base Training River Restoration Toolbox Workshops this spring in two locations; Ames and Johnson County/Solon. 

Ames Workshop Registration HERE

Solon Workshop Registration HERE

Thanks for the river love.

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