Why Should YOU Register for a River Restoration Workshop?

2018 Cedar Falls Workshop

Promote your work and add value to your organization

Iowa Rivers Revival publishes graduates’ information on their website, so they can be searched, found, hired and celebrated for good work and cool projects!  Take a look: https://iowarivers.org/river-restoration-graduates/

Enhance projects and access funds

Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox brings efficiency and quality to river projects, and funders are taking notice. SRF and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District reference using of the toolbox for sponsored stream restoration and mitigation projects. Other project funders are following suit in either requiring it as a baseline assessment or this training as a competitive  consideration.


Folks are doing some amazing stream restoration in the region.  Join the community of River Restoration Rockstars and have access to a diverse network of professionals who can share project success stories, offer field day opportunities, and help you advocate for the work you want to do.



“Taking the River Restoration Toolbox training really helped me visualize the functions of rivers, how to work with natural systems, and how to identify the best techniques to use in restoration projects. This training elevated my perspective to design restoration projects with a holistic approach.

The River Restoration Toolbox training was a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground experience that offered high-level and in-depth perspectives on designing successful restoration projects. I’ve been able to take the techniques I learned, share them with my colleagues, and apply them to projects to improve the overall outcome… I think every civil/environmental engineer/designer should have to take this training.”

~Katie Goff, Environmental Scientist

Foth Infrastructure and Environment, LLC

2018 Workshop Participant

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