Master River Stewards…Coming to the Cedar River Watershed



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Iowa Rivers Revival is facilitating a second Master River Stewards Program in 2013.  The program will take place in the CedarRiver Watershed – dates and locations TDB

The eight week course will focus on riverine systems, including skills to paddle and navigate rivers, restore aquatic habitat, improve water quality, and understand policies related to floodplains, river protection and restoration.

The Master River Steward program will build on a network of river experts in various partner agencies and organizations.  It will help adult learners collaborate to protect and improve Iowa’s rivers, so that current and future generations can enjoy these resources.  Visit IRR’s website to view an outline of this year’s Spring program:

Feedback from 2012 pilot participants:

→ “Great class, thoroughly enjoyed each and every session.”
“Great leadership.  Great resources/readings.  Great speakers.  Great group.”
Really enjoyed class.  Had zero expectations coming in.  Was surprised by the amount of river experience/Project AWARE tie in.  Really enjoyed meeting such passionate people.  Each week gave me something to think about and discuss with co-workers.”
“This was a fantastic program.  I came in with no expectations, but left every night excited to share what I learned with others… Thanks so much for putting this together.  I will become active in the stewardship of rivers at a far greater level due to this program.”

Registration Cost:  Participants will pay a fee of $50 which will include program materials.  Participants will be expected to attend each session and there will be “homework” assignments following each class – materials will be provided.

Sponsorships:  There are opportunities for organizations and groups to sponsor aspects of the program, such as general program support, participant registration costs (reducing the costs for individuals you recommend or others interested in participating), a meal for one of the evening programs or program materials and supplies.    Sponsorship details.

Funding for the Cedar River Watershed program has been provided by REAP, Iowa DNR IOWATER, Iowa DNR River Programs, and Northeast Iowa Community Foundation.

Program Schedule: TBD

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