Reduce, recycle and revive our rivers!

009Iowa Rivers Revival has been selected as the recipient of Whole Foods’ “One Dime at a Time” program When customers are shopping at the West Des Moines store from 10/1/15 – 12/31/15 they will have the option to donate their bag credits to IRR.

Whole Foods Market’s “One Dime at a Time” program provides an incentive to customers to eliminate single-use plastic bags and develop stronger communities all at the same time. At the register, customers have the option to receive a 10-cent per bag refund as cash back off their receipt or they can choose to donate it to that quarter’s selected charity organization.

IRR values Whole Foods’ support and commitment to preserving and enhancing our earth’s natural resources. ODAT program funds will be used to expand IRR’s “River Restoration” program to raise awareness, increase expertise, and expand natural river restoration practices across Iowa.

River restoration, widely used in other Midwestern states, improves water quality, reduces streambank erosion, reduces flooding, improves habitat, and enhances economic development. Natural restoration incorporates ecological design principles and community partnerships.

Iowa now lacks the resources and expertise to offer natural river restoration opportunities to landowners and communities across Iowa.  IRR advocates for an Iowa River Restoration Program (comparable to the state-funded Iowa Lakes Restoration Program) that would provide guidelines, criteria, funding, training, and expertise necessary to offer cost-share opportunities for protecting Iowa’s landscape, streambanks and riverways.

So grab your bags…and help protect and improve Iowa’s rivers when you shop at Whole Foods Market now through December 31, 2015!

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